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Boarding & Training

Where will my dog stay during the programme?

Your dog will live with the trainer in her home. This way your dog will get round the clock care and individual attention.

How will my dog get to your home?

You can drop your dog off yourself. On request He/she will ride in a secure crate in a spacious air conditioned van with plenty of bedding to settle down in. This is the safest way for them to travel and is best practice for their welfare.

Will I receive updates on my dog’s stay?

Yes you will receive daily updates by video and text showcasing the training done that day.

Will my dog only be training? Do they get to have fun as well?

Having fun is all part of the training!  A variety of enrichment will be employed daily to supplement the programme. There is a sensory garden on site for the dog's nose to explore, a paddling pool in hot weather, a sand pit to play in and kong puzzles for mental stimulation all of which contributes to a calm happy dog.

How many dogs do you train at one time?

Unlike companies who take on many dogs at a time (which can add to behavioural problems instead of solving it) Doggy Home School only takes two dogs at once and each has their own space. This creates a calmer atmosphere as the dogs have more space to roam and will have more individualised attention to their needs.

Do I have to provide my dogs food/medicine throughout the programme?

Yes. Each dog is unique in their dietary and medical needs. We will only feed your dog the food you provide and have separate fridges/cupboards to store this.

Do I need to make a reservation in advance?

Yes this is a high end and quality service and reservations are usually made months in advance unless there is a last minute cancellation or re-schedule. A deposit of 20% is required to secure your booking. To book an initial consultation please email

What should I pack for my dog?

Guardians are responsible for packing bed and blankets, food, medicine, lead, collar with ID tags, vaccination records. 
Optional extras are any equipment you are currently using for training, favourite toys or jackets.
Doggy Home School will provide a crate for your dog for transport and as a safe space in the home.

Will my dog socialise with lots of other dogs?

No - research shows after early puppy socialisation their social imprint will stay with them for the most part. If they are selective about the dogs they like to play with (which is the case 40% of the time) off lead play can reinforce aggressive tendencies as well as causing massive adrenaline spikes causing a stressed and unhappy dog.
Instead we reinforce good socialisation with humans and create a calm atmosphere around other dogs desensitisation leaving you with a calm happy dog so you can lead your best lives!

What if my dog becomes injured or sick during their stay?

Dog welfare is top priority. If your dog becomes sick or injured they will be returned home as a matter of urgency or taken to a local emergency vet depending on the issue.

Will my dog be punished during training?

Why do you take so few dogs on?

No! At Doggy Home School we never punish your dog. After all they are here to learn and should be able to do this feeling safe, calm and secure. We are members of INTOdogs and therefore only use ethical training standards. All of our training is force-free & reward based.

Just as children learn better with smaller class sizes so it is with dogs. As a maximum of two dogs will be home schooled or boarded at any one time you can be safe in the knowledge that your dog will receive focused and quality training daily. You can expect daily video updates demonstrating what training has been done as well as teaching you the skills you will require for you and your dog to live your best lives.

Why do you use positive training methods?

We use the latest force-free and reward based training methods based on research. This means your dog will not be unfairly punished for their behaviour as this can have a devastating effect on their confidence and happiness. (This method of training belongs in the past)!

Too often "old school" methods are employed by dog trainers which can result in a frightened, unhappy dog. Instead we teach important life skills that benefit you and your dog to achieve excellent results.

What enrichment will my dog recieve?

Of course there will be time in the day to get out of the house for training every day. When your dog has finished they will have access to a sensory garden to engage their sense of smell, (the best way to mentally stimulate your dog), a paddling pool in hot weather, a sand pit to de-stress and lots of fun toys to choose from! Enrichment and free work is so important for a calmer happier dog.

How are you different to kennels?

It's sad to see each dog go and as we take on so few dogs they really do become part of the family. While larger companies can keep dogs in kennels outside of the family home, at Doggy Home School they will live as one of the family. In their down time from training they will receive plenty of affection and enrichment and won't just be left on their own when not training.  

What makes you different to other trainers?

At Doggy Home School all training plans are custom made for your dog by a qualified Canine Behaviour Practitioner. This means not only are you getting vast experience in dog  training you will be receiving education based on the latest peer reviewed research. You will be updated by video every day as well as an extensive written handover on course completion.

What time should I pick up & drop off?

On day 1 your dog can be dropped off or collected after 08.00. On the final day the dog is to be collected by 10.00. If the dog is collected after 10.00 a full day will be charged to you.

We are here to answer any other question you may have.

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