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Sarah Stepin Jet
Sarah Stepin Canine behaviour Practitioner

Sarah Stepin

Canine Behaviour Practitioner

My Story


I have been training dogs since 2013. Originally a volunteer at a protection dog training firm I left to pursue a career in the Royal Air Force as a Police Dog Handler.
During an exciting 8 year career I was partnered with a multitude of high drive dogs to protect vital air assets all over the globe. My partners were highly trained to search for and secure intruders and release them on cue - all of which required the highest level of training for safety in a high pressure environment.

Showing a flair for training from the start I was selected from an elite group to compete in the UK dog trials coming 4th in the Royal Air Force in my first year. From there I competed in annual competitions receiving a catalogue of commendations in excellence throughout my career.
Upon leaving the R.A.F. I expanded my credentials to gain qualifications as a level 5 Canine Behaviour Practitioner and also a level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming. Both courses have given me a scientific insight to the biological and psychological needs of the dog that supplemented my experience to take training to the next level.

From there I became the head dog trainer for the South of England for a multinational dog training company. My role was not only to board and train dogs in my household but to train my team using the latest peer reviewed research so that all dogs were trained in a safe environment using humane and force free training methods. During my tenure over 120 dogs were trained by my team with an exceptional level of customer satisfaction. Dealing with very different dogs to my military days I have dealt with training basic/advanced training to working with rescue dogs to reactivity cases. In all instances I have ensured each dog has a calm environment to build up confidence at their own pace.

Wanting to give a higher quality and more personalised service to clients I have registered my own home school. This means I can take less dogs at one time and provide focused individualised training to suit each dog's needs. (It also means I have time to continue to study the latest research to give the best possible training).

As a result this led to Doggy Home School winning Best Behaviourist Business 2022 through Professional Dog Businesses UK which I am very proud of.

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