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Doggy Home School - A dog trainer for me.

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

So this is the start of a new chapter. I have trained dogs, I have trained dog trainers and travelled the world doing it and had a brilliant time! Starting my own training school is a challenge but I'm so excited to train dogs the best way I can.

Everywhere I have worked I've always felt that the dogs are treated fine but I've also felt sad in that I felt I could do better for them. Too many dogs, not enough time...

I really want to do right by them. A dog is so loving and brings colour and joy into our lives that we sometimes take for granted and I want to give 100% back.

So I took a deep breath...

"I want to take less dogs, and give them the best training I can give".

That's how Doggy Home School was born. Quality over quantity. Such a simple notion but one I care about deeply. But it's not just about training the dog! This is a school which means the owners are definitely in for an education!

From dispelling myths about dominance theory to teaching why clicker training works I'm so excited to take people on this journey. As a qualified Canine Behaviour Practitioner my mission is for dogs AND THEIR HUMANS to live their best lives.

Looking forward to meeting you,


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