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Lead walking skills

When thinking about dogs that pull on the lead many things may need to be addressed, here's but a few -

  1. Is the dog getting enough appropriate physical and mental exercise?

  2. Do they get enough enrichment?

  3. Triggers or distractions that may be present.

  4. Is it their first bit of exercise of the day?

  5. Is there a high level of reinforcement for the things we do want?

  6. Is the lead long enough for the dog?

  7. Are the dogs needs being met?

As a trainer, I do not want a pet dog walking next to me in a strict heel position there is little to no benefit especially for the dog, there is nothing natural about it. I much prefer if they are sniffing, exploring and doing what they need to on THEIR walk.

There will be times I may need a dog close to me, for example safety reasons, for this I teach a cue such as 'close' and reward well.

Rewarding Bella for great lead walking skills, she did amazingly and most importantly she had the freedom to be a happy dog on her walk!


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