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Let sleeping dogs lie

🐾❤️The importance of good rest for dogs is very underrated!

Dogs sleep cycles are similar to our sleep-wake cycle, except their's are a lot shorter in time and they will go through a lot more cycles throughout the day and night in comparison to humans🐾

Dogs need anywhere up to 20 hours sleep a day and age is a big factor -

This is on average is 20 hours for puppies.

More for senior dogs.

On average 16 hours for adult dogs, and of course it always depends on each individual dog🐾

Other factors may include -

Activity level.


Size of the dog.

A dog not getting enough rest, and I mean quiet undisturbed rest, is bad for their well-being and will likely make them more irritable.

It will have a profound effect on their mood, welfare and behaviour too, exactly like it does with us humans. It can also affect their health, sleep deprived dogs are more prone to infections🐾

Allowing your dog undisturbed rest -

Improves their welfare.

Reduces stress.

Allows them to decompress.

Is enriching for them.

Allows them to repair physically and mentally.

Improves how they are feeling.

It helps their capacity/desire to learn.

It helps brain development.

It ensures their basic needs are being met.

If your dog is sleeping they are showing they feel safe and secure, so feel good about that❤️

Side note - playing classical or reggae music in the background is great for encouraging calm rest for dogs🐾 Closing curtains and switching off lights may also help, as will building them a 'den'❤️

A dog laying down but getting disturbed simply does not suffice!

Give your dog the quiet, completely undisturbed sleep or rest that they need and just as importantly let sleeping dogs lie❤️🐾

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